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All necessary tools, equipment, and materials:

Mine is a service that takes care of everything. In other words, as professional tiler I will bring all that is necessary for the successful completion of the job. From equipment and tools like tile cutters, grout finishing instruments, and adhesive spreaders, to the very grout and adhesives. Also, I can collect and deliver your tiles of choice before the service takes place. Keep in mind that the costs for the tiles and materials used will be added to your final quote.

Get expert advice on the tiles you choose:

I will be happy to offer you my professional opinion on what kind of tiles you should get for your property. And no matter what type they are, rest assured they will be installed correctly, and with minimum disturbance to your daily routines.

All tiling work handled by PJC Tiling:

From the removal of the old tiles to placement of the new, all the work will be handled quickly and efficiently by PJC Tiling. Additionally, all the grouting and sealing will be taken care of. There will be no mess left behind so you will be able to enjoy and use your newly-tiled surfaces immediately.

Types of tiles you can choose from:

Whether it's for your kitchen, bathroom or any other place, we can lay any type of tiles. Here are some of the most commonly used types of tiles that you can opt for:

We can help you with any general task you have at hand:


“we offer a wide range of residential  and commercial tiling services.”

©Copyright.2018. PJC Tiling. All rights reserved.

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